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"Add a little sparkle to your day."


By 64ee004990874, Jan 15 2018 04:15PM

At long last a little sunshine is coming out! Lovely pink fluffy clouds dispelling the soggy Monday blues. Nothing for it but to cheer up the day with a little colour! Crazy green fabric with bright pink spots to make some lovely PJ bottoms! To wet to go out much today, but a good chance to do some prep for class tomorrow. Cannot wait to get this into the sewing machine!

Bye for now, back to the sewing bench this time.... :)


By 64ee004990874, Jan 4 2018 05:55PM

Time to dust off the keyboard, get stuck into the pile of paperwork and launch headlong into 2018! Tax return almost done, well the mound of scrap paper that had attached itself to my desk has been sorted and I seem to have some figures that correlate with my sales book!

Its going to be a busy year, lots of study lots of teaching and perhaps some time for creating a little more sparkle and some more from the Creative Crab, back to the bench then!

The snow has gone now, but its breezy out there, take care my friends and wrap up warm!

Caroline :)

By 64ee004990874, Nov 30 2017 05:36PM

Twinkle, twinke little star....Christmas is going to be extra twinkly this year, do come and visit at the Yarrow Gallery, open daily from 10am-4pm from 2nd until 16th December, just a little bit longer for you to enjoy and to think about 'adding a little sparkle to your day'!

Good wishes and blessings, Caroline :) The Creative Crab xxx

By 64ee004990874, Sep 25 2017 02:41PM

Theia is on the lookout for what is going to happen now Fired! Silver Clay Jewellery has gone into its seventh year of business. As a 'junior manager and general overseer' it is important for a cat like Theia to keep a paw on the pulse!

It has been a challenge sometimes but oh the sheer joy of being able to 'do your own thing' creatively and then together in a joint situation such as an exhibition with fellow artists, I am one very lucky lady. It is my pleasure to extend a huge thank you to my clients, friends and family. Without Trel's steadfast and rock steady support I'd be in a real mess. So thank you one and all for your support so far.

For the future? I am starting my second year of tutoring for dressmaking, continuing with the Poppy Patch and the, generally once a month dressmaking sessions and have started my training to become a Licensed Lay Reader. So business as usual...3 commissions on the go, an essay to write and a class to prepare! Oh and did I mention I am helping with the make-up for the Masked Ball Opera, on the 26th, 27th and 28th October! It will be fine...... ;)

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